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Debbie and I have been together for four years and three both love sex. She is a beautiful sexy size 14, 5'7 with a nice big ass and beautiful. Since we met, we managed to not only get enough of each other and talked often about fanisties during sex. Fantisising she started having sex with other men, and loved the way rawgonzo they did to me. I often spoke of an experience he had in college with her karate instructor who picked her up at one end of the night period. By all accounts, took a walk to a secluded spot and took it with his big cock. She described every detail, and I loved it and rawgonzo still do. We decided we would rawgonzo live, and began to turn the Fantis and determined that we see each other, having sex with people of other loved one. But what really turns me on, the idea of ​​giving a black man. So far we rawgonzo had joined a swingers site dating and have decided that the fact that Deb wanted to advertise yourfucked by a hung black. This attracted a number of responses and many time wasters, but after exchanging emails and photgraphs to make an appointment at a hotel with a young boy named Rob West Indies, who came from North London. rawgonzo No facial photographs were exchanged, but I was very pleased with his well-toned body impressed, but it was a picture of his dick, the real attention. The picture was hung in the middle of his thigh, even in its soft state to be measured nine inches long, but it was the thickness that was amazing. Deb once mentioned that I was in a position to rawgonzo ask to take. Deb to leave a telephone contact, and I got a real kick hearing, arrange to meet with her. When rawgonzo I had the rawgonzo phone, told me how to go the way in which, fuck that has been described. I found the whole experience is mind blowing and sex with each other before the meeting was not of this world clearly enjoyed the idea Debs meeting of this type. Finally we are left with Rob on a Sunday afternoon. I shaved her pussy while she laid in bed with her ​​legs apart and told me how he had to look her best to steal. He showered and dressed in a black bra and thong with sheer stockings waiting. In this he wore a black knee-length dress and knee-high boots. She was absolutely stunning, yes, I was half -minded rawgonzo to cancel the meeting and an afternoon of sex at home with her. But the idea of doing this was a rather strange that the two could not wait. We drove to the hotel and waited nervously for about 30 minutes before Rob came. It was a great man of 6'7 'and a very athletic and he said he was thirty years. We stood and drank a beer before entering the room we have proposed. Debs and I had sex with a series of couples before, but this was different and I could not wait. Deb had felt nervous before the game, but as soon as saw him, she relaxed. When he entered the room Deb said she wanted the two in bed. She saw Rob, he began to undress. I was behind her and opened her dress, which fell to the ground. He stood in front of this strange man dressed only in underwear, it looked absolutely fantastic and Rob said that as much as his hands rubbed on the body. Her clips of her bra. and he bent and kissed her beautiful breasts. Rob finished undressing and kissing the neck when I heard Debs, I sigh. I looked ahead and saw Deb Rob looked soft tail dangling leg. She looked at him and said. ' You are great ' I had to admit, it was very difficult I'm about seven inches, this kid was me two or three inches in its flaccid state, and he was as thick as my wrist. Deb lay in bed and asked Rob to remove her thong. She brought her knees, leaned forward and took her thong. She lifted her ass out of bed allows slide legs slowly. When he gives this guy, literally, was the most erotic situation could ever imagine. We were all holding three simple, well Debs in their raids. When I said on the legs open and shows her wet pussy in this beautiful stranger and big horse cock my penis was rock hard. Debs told us that feels, in the top of the bed and knelt in front of us. She held my stiff cock in his right hand and still flaccid penis Rob in his left hand, stroke the two. Although I am not enough compared to Rob and rawgonzo his monster cock, the overall situation was amazing. Rob rooster began to move, as Deb gently rubbing the shaft and to my amazment it was not only difficult, but his already huge cock was rawgonzo even bigger. I was with care by member Deb tremendous growth rubbed to the point where I thought I was banished to explode. rawgonzo Deb looked at me, looked at my throbbing cock in his hand and said, 'no' as seened in the pulsating monster of a cock Rob. The finger is not close to reaching his enormous wave. She looked back at the eyes and said. ' rawgonzo You can go and sit in the corner and see the pleasure of this man told me ' These words gave me a kiss and said, 'go to see and enjoy the baby I got rawgonzo of bed and not what they said. Rob looked at her and kissed her long, after the head down, his penis hard and began to lick the length of its axis. the view was absolutely fantastic, my beautiful wife owner of his tongue slowly up and down his cock, which Deb later measured thirteen and half inches long and seven rawgonzo one half inch clearance on the edge of the base. I looked at the huge cock head Rob wrapped in her mouth and started sucking him. He tried even half of his attack cock in her mouth, but she sucks like a champ and was clearly enjoying. Rob ran his hands over the body and massage the beautiful tits and ass Debwhile sucking his swollen cock and put his huge balls in her hand. She looked at me standing with his rawgonzo mouth full of cock and stopped to say, ' You sit back a watch in my throat Rob is empty. Then she kissed Rob monstrously huge balls before returning to suck cock. He looked and me said, 'wait until they feel that the collected and the base of his tail to emphasize what Debs went to look. Debs began to suck his schlong and accelerated breathing Rob severe head moving faster, until the point where his body and saw riged Debs seem to drown. Spunk oozed her mouth around his penis. You could, of course, not all. When the tail left massize Rob oral dose of other Debs sperm shot in the face. I've never seen anything like it. He leaned forward and covered in sperm began to lick the juice from Rob Hahn. At this point, Rob asked me to fuck Deb. He has participated in all four follow Rob giant cock, licking which was no evidence of a learning experience. I'm behind her and slid my penis into her hot wet vagina, which became clear in mass and left several times. I started to fuck her in her grave and her back arched, when he began to suck harder Rob Hahn, is not it long before he shot my load into her wet pussy. Deb then put on the back of one leg in each hand and stood next to welcome this big black bull shit. I sat on the edge of the bed and saw that Rob put the tip of his tail against the swollen pussy lips Deb, before giving his cock into her care of an inch at a time with each thrust smooth. Debs eyes were tightly closed and his face was a picture of joy as the entire length of his swollen cock in her warm, moist wound began to subside. She began gasping and writhing, as he makes his monster cock in and out of her pussy wet. The pump after 10 minutes began to cry and arched her back and the spasms of orgasm hit her. SCReamed like an animal, his legs around his back and grabbed Rob, as he continued to fuck her, he continued, always has an orgasm, something that had never managed to do for themselves. Rob still throbbing cock pushed hard rock of Deb. I stood there and looked at her gaping pussy. She has four legs and Rob makes his huge member into her pussy wet in the back, I was sitting in the corner and just masturbated over this great show for me. Rob grabbed my ass and started fucking her hard as she began to writhe in pleasure again. He went to them and back again when he looked at me to throw. the best part of a solid damn time Rob froze again as he emptied his balls in pussy Deb. To get to rawgonzo the idea that parts of the train of her body, she could never obtain that drove me wild and had never done in my life. He retired from Debs and I could see his cum dripping wet pussy as she leaned forward in his hands and KNEI was shaking from the effects of his last orgasm. , I asked how she felt and she replied in her ear 'fan- tas- tic 'Do not worry son, Rob kissed his ass and cupped her breasts and said. ' ': ' This is not over. ' She looked at him and said, 'bloody right it is not. ' So I grabbed his penis, which immediately swell had appeared. This is the point where me and Rob have a side by side and measure our cocks. He was almost twice the length of me and enormously fat. Then in bed Kelt Rob invites his cock sucked, and I pushed my throbbing tool in her gaping pussy. was an amazing feeling, excited and full of hot cum pussy feels swollen. Rob and I continued to fuck Deb for another two hours before Rob had to leave. After he was gone Debs asked me how it went. I said what I felt and had sex two more times before we fell rawgonzo asleep. What a wonderful evening. Nothing is as beautiful as watching your wife get fucked hard awell hung black stallion. We had a fantastic time and repeat the case soon.
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